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Far East University Guidelines on Scholarship for Foreign Students
Approved by the Scholarship Committee on November 4, 2015
Approved by the Administrative Meeting on November 24, 2015

Article 1 The Far East University (hereinafter the University), in accordance with the Article 4 of "Guidelines of Processing Ministry of Education Subsidies to College, Universities and Whose Chinese Education Entities to Provide Scholarship for Foreign Students", hereby establishes the Far East University Guidelines on Scholarship for Foreign Students (hereinafter the Guidelines). Article 2 The foreign students in the Guidelines are defined as those students studying in the University via the "Far East University Regulations on Recruiting Foreign Students", but excluding those exchange and elective students as defined in its Article XI. Article 3 The foreign students with an average academic grade of 80 points or above (85 points or above for graduate students) and a conduct grade of 80 points or above from the previous semester are eligible for applying the scholarship. The sum of scholarship granted for those eligible students will depend on their total points calculated in accordance with the following standard:
1. Undergraduate students: 5 points granted above the average academic grade of 80 points (inclusive); 10 points above 85 (inclusive); 25 points above 90 (inclusive); 50 points above 95 (inclusive).
2. Graduate students: 5 points granted above the average academic grade of 85 points (inclusive); 20 points above 90 (inclusive); 50 points above 95 (inclusive). Article 4 Eligible applicants should submit the transcript of academic records from the previous semester to the International Exchange and Education Center in late May and November. All eligible applicants who submit all paperwork on schedule will be awarded the scholarship. Article 5 The total sum of scholarship for foreign students each semester shall be half of the yearly subsidy from the Ministry of Education for the scholarship.
Article 6 The foreign students with any of the following occurrences are not eligible for this scholarship.
1. Students on graduation extension.
2. With a record of disciplinary action of one minor demerit (inclusive) or above while studying at the University.
3. Recipients of any scholarship provided by the government of Republic of China such as Taiwan Scholarship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Taiwan Scholarship, and Taiwan ICDF International Higher Education Scholarship etc. Article 7 A record file of all recipients of the scholarship will be submitted to the Ministry of Education in June and December every year. Article 8 Other related regulations of the University and the Ministry of Education shall be supplements to the Guideline. Article 9 These guidelines will be implemented after the approval of the Scholarship Committee and the Administrative Meeting, as well as the amendments.
1. This is a translated version: All the contents shall be based on the Chinese original.
2. In case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese version, The Chinese version published on the University official website shall prevail.
3. If there are any changes made to the Acts or regulations, the application instruction shall be based on amended regulations.

Aug 3, 2017